About Us


About Us

TCecure LLC is a Maryland-based cybersecurity services company, providing security architecture, engineering, assessments, training, and consulting to public sector and commercial clients, with a presence in multiple states.  Our focused services, mature infrastructure, and small size enable us to provide expertise, flexibility, and custom delivery to our clients.  TCecure is also an Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business (EDWSOB), a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), a Maryland Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)/Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)/Small Business Enterprise (SBE), and a New York State MBE/Women Business Enterprise (WBE).

To enhance our clients’ ability to securely and effectively meet and exceed their mission objectives.
To be the trusted security and intelligence partner and advisor of choice to critical infrastructure providers, law enforcement entities, the legal community, and academic institutions.
TCecure defines Security to include the 8 core body of knowledge (CBK) domains associated with ISC2’s Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) certification, namely:

  • 1. Security and Risk Management
  • 2. Assest Security
  • 3. Security Engineering
  • 4. Communication and Network Security
  • 5. Identity and Access Management
  • 6. Security Assessment and Testing
  • 7. Security Operations
  • 8. Software Development Security
TCecure defines Intelligence to include actionable information acquired pursuant to the Security activities and leveraged to further the client mission objectives.

Security and Intelligence competencies are not novel fields though the technologies, tactics, and techniques have evolved over time. Services and products rendered in these competency areas are vital to protect the critical infrastructure of the United States and its allies, to support domestic and international law enforcement activities related to cyber crime and intellectual property theft, and to equip the current and future workforce to compete with the knowledge and skills necessary to sustain and further the security posture of the United States and its allies.